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EFNOTE Drums at The Europe Drum Show 2025

today22 December, 2023


EFNOTE, a group of skilled engineers with over 20 years of experience, made their debut at The UK Drum Show 2023. Having  received confirmation of their return to UKDS 2024, they are set to appear at The Europe Drum Show 2025, showcasing their innovative approach to electronic musical instruments.

In 2018, these engineers felt that the product development at a major electronic musical instrument manufacturer in Japan had reached its limits. They wanted to pursue flexible ideas that were not tied to cost, and were drawn to the non-logical attraction of musical instruments. They recognised that no matter how much technology evolves, there are parts of musical instruments that do not change.

EFNOTE’s journey is to redefine the original value of electronic musical instruments. They aim to create products that maintain the essence of traditional instruments while incorporating modern technology. With their unique approach, EFNOTE is setting a new standard for electronic musical instruments, and their appearance at The Europe Drum Show 2025 is sure to be a highly anticipated event.

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The Europe Drum Show

The Venue

Neue Messe 1, Friedrichshafen, DE 88046

Show Opening Times

29th – 30th March 2025
9am – 6pm