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today29 April, 2024


CUBE-Personal Drums are to join further exhibits at the debut of The Europe Drum Show in Friedrichshafen. Germany on the 29th & 30th March 2025.

CUBE-Personal Drums from Plauen/Germany/Saxony started out like the typical garage business of two friends and fellow drummers. The idea of individualizing musical instruments is indeed nothing new but back then in the early 2000’s in the eastern part of Germany there was not much of a drum building business at all and most of the big brands/companies had outsourced a lot of their production into other countries. The small workshop or manufacture with the main purpose of fullfilling the individual customers needs and focus on the extraordinary was very rare and up to this day still is. Shells and parts produced in small amounts and mostly in handmade fashion give the passionate musician a lot of opportunities to express themselves in their really own voice musically and by design.

With the philosophy of a local and sustainable business producing by the highest quality standards, CUBE-Personal Drums uses only certified woods from sustainable sources and most of the suppliers for additional parts are within 50km reach. To create the most exciting drums in look and sound a lot of details are done inhouse by hand to attain the most distinctive result when building a new instrument. Over the years the business became a solid name in the drumbuilding scene of germany and europe while capacities increased and the workshop moved from the literal garage to an old industrial complex with a lot more space. Besides the machine park for all the different steps in drum building there is also room for a proper exhibition where you can get your hands on a fine selection of kits and snaredrums to get inspired for your own individual project. Besides doing custom work CUBE-Personal Drums became a household name in restoration of historical drums and are one of the most skilled companies in the field of wood lacquering.

See Cube-Drums on booth B5b at The Europe Drum Show 2025. Tickets on sale now!

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The Europe Drum Show

The Venue

Neue Messe 1, Friedrichshafen, DE 88046

Show Opening Times

29th – 30th March 2025
9am – 6pm