Larnell Lewis

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Larnell Lewis is a passionate and joyful creator, as well as one of today’s most skilled drummers. His outstanding playing and creativity have earned him three GRAMMY awards (two with Snarky Puppy and one with Alejandro Sanz) and catalyzed a successful solo career. Larnell has been known to collaborate with a wide range of preeminent musicians, showcasing his deep connection to jazz, fusion, and his Afro-Caribbean roots.

Lewis has toured and performed with renowned artists including Quincy Jones, Laila Biali, Gregory Porter, Benny Golson, Lalah Hathaway, Jacob Collier, John Scofield, Pat Metheny, and more. His immense talent, fierce creativity, and evolving musical style keep him in-demand as a collaborator, while his knowledge and skillset make him a dedicated Music Educator at Humber College, Canada’s most respected institution for post-secondary music education.

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Larnell Lewis

Larnell is appearing in association with Promark Sticks and Evans Heads

Promark by D'Addario
Evans Drumheads

Larnell Lewis

ProMark is proud to collaborate with Larnell Lewis, solo artist and drummer of Snarky Puppy, to forge his new signature FireGrain drumstick.

The Larnell Lewis Signature FireGrain Hickory Drumstick is made to suit Lewis’ limitless style. It features a modified acorn tip, a 5AB diameter, a drastic taper, and increased length to provide a highly dynamic response with unmatched rebound. Complete with the enhanced durability of FireGrain technology, this signature stick can hit harder, play longer, and keep up with everything Larnell throws at it.

Lewis expressed enthusiasm for the new sticks, saying, “Playing these sticks, it’s like I feel nothing… and that’s what I want. I wanted something that feels like an extension of my hands. I feel so comfortable with these that I don’t have to think about sticks anymore and can just play.”

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